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Come and join hands with us in bringing smile to the faces of underprivileged people in our society..
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About Us

Shristi Rural Development Foundation is Non-Profit organization is registered under Section 25 Company Act 1956 (No.1 of 1956). Our Organization is Tax Exempted Under Section 80G Income Tax Act Registered Non-Profit Service organization dedicated to bringing education & village development in rural India, we are a fund raising platform from where you can contribute in raising living standards of our society's poor section of people, who are not as fortunate as ourselves. With a belief in bringing happiness to the lives of grieve-stricken and disheartened people, we have helped a number of people since our NGO was founded four years back. Causes close to our heart and that we raise funds for include Rural Development, Children, Disabled, Education, Elderly, Employment, Environment Health, Poor People and many others. We hold a strong belief that caring and sensitivity play a major role in helping people in overcoming their personal battles. Nowadays, miserable condition of poor people, elderly, disabled and other section of people is apparent, which needs to be addressed by us all. We have taken a step forward to provide help to these people with all positivity to get them off of their sufferings.

Our Mission

We started serving people with a mission to provide better living and education opportunities to the poor in India.

Our Vision

We believe in our vision to have a strong giving culture by donating 2% of our income to give a better chance of living to the children, disabled people, women and other impoverished people in our society.

Our Team

We are a group of management, volunteers and other team members. There are many volunteers, who have joined our NGO to work towards giving back to the society. Coming from different backgrounds, all our volunteers and other team members work on a same ground and learn many things from each other. In the whole process of making a difference to the lives of poor and deprived people, our team have worked sincerely and offered their dedicated services.


We are an NGO occupied in offering a part of our income to meet the basic needs of people from our society. Causes that we raise funds for are given in the following section.

  • Rural Development NGO
  • Children
  • Disabled
  • Education
  • Elderly
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Health, Child Welfare NGO
  • Poor People
  • Women, Rural Welfare Society
  • Youth

Our Beliefs and Approaches


We believe in helping till it hurts, to prove our zeal to share our fortunes with the ones who are deprived of even the basic needs in life.

Deserve Our Needs

We believe in earning our sustenance, rather than assuming it as our right. Also, we believe in giving first than asking in return.

Adding Value

We hold a belief that when we do something that no one else is doing or do it with a better perspective, it adds up to the value itself.


We believe that a strong passion to make a difference in the society, works as a great motivator do something meaningful.

First Principles Approach

As an NGO, we believe that we must do things because they make sense and not just because every other person is doing it around. We consider blind faith is a great enemy of innovations.

Focus on the Poorest

All our efforts are in direction to improve the living conditions of poorest of the poor.

Transparency and Accountability

Supported by leading financial institutions, and being trustees of tax payer resources, we believe in being totally accountable and transparent in all transactions.

The Need for a "Giving Culture"

There are two primary aspects of giving culture that contribute in making a difference.

Great Sensitivity and Caring

When we give, it promotes the cause of giving among those who don't believe in giving and sharing with the needy. The heightened sensitivity forces us to be aware of the apparent existence of poor and acknowledge our fortune, with which we can provide aid to the underprivileged people.

Availability of Resources

In India, the proportion of giving back to the society is way less than America and if it could be nearly equal to their giving proportion, we could be donating near to Rs. 60,000 Crores a year.

Our Supporters

In our journey to help lower class of the society, we have constantly been supported and encouraged by strong individuals, industrial personalities, payment gateways, and other renowned financial institutions.


We effectively connect data, process, people and things. Also, we introduce to create fresh ideas and new possibilities. We make a significant quality for the benefit of all - our customers, people and the world around. Our technology offers a new way that the world works, plays, lives and learns. But our edge comes from our people, and we look for the kind of persons who thrive in various environments, take smart risks, motivate their colleagues, and are dedicated to have an impact on the world. Whether you create connections that strengthen the community or make technology solution that redefines business, you can accomplish it at Shristi Rural Foundation.

Registered Office:

Gurudwara Mohalla Maujpur,
Yamuna Vihar.
Delhi -  110053